OL Cares
Our objective: To be for healthy change the world over
At OrganicLife, we aim to be better. We’ve been given a mighty gift and responsibility — we’re charged with influencing the health and eating habits of an entire generation of kids. And we want to do better than those that have come before us. Why? Because OL Cares. How?
NSLP partnerships give students access to access nutritious school meals
OL's nutrition sector "OLU" teaches the hows and whys of healthful eating
So far, OL has served more than 100 million healthy meals

OrganicLife believes that there is an inextricable link between a flourishing body and a flourishing mind.

OrganicLife was built upon the notion that a healthy diet is crucial to physical and mental development in those of all ages. We certainly cannot contribute to student development with textbooks and lively in-class debates, but we can provide the kinds of meals that help students focus during lectures, give them energy while they study, and keep immune systems thriving during the stress of finals. Moreover, OrganicLife believes that nutrition education is a key piece to the healthy eating puzzle. We want students to inquire and think critically about what it is they are putting in their bodies and how their food choices today affect so many avenues of life in the present and future.

Always Looking Ahead

OrganicLife is currently on pace to serve 100 million meals annually by 2020. That means that we will have 100 million chances each year to help students get it right by choosing the super green veggies instead of chips and banana instead of a brownie.

Do you want to help us guide future generations to making healthier choices? Get involved with the OL Cares movement to be a part of something greater. We are always looking for nutrition education liaisons, gardening experts, and event volunteers. Reach out at info@organiclifeusa.com.

Start Smart

OL's breakfast program has filled the bellies of millions in need

Great Greens

Salad bars serving 50+ fresh options are a program staple

Acutely Aware

Access to allergen information and safe meals is an imperative

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